Talley Oil Scrub Seal

Scrub Seal

A type of chip seal that incorporates a scrub broom which scrubs the emulsion into larger cracks. This process eliminates the need to crack fill prior to surface treatment. Pavement surfaces that are distressed beyond the need of a typical chip seal benefit greatly from a scrub seal. A roadway scrub seal is a preventive maintenance technique used to seal and protect the pavement surface of a roadway. It involves the application of an asphalt emulsion followed by a scrubbing action to embed small aggregates into the surface, creating a new surface that is more resistant to water intrusion, UV rays, and other damaging factors.


Scrub Seal Process

Surface Preparation

The roadway surface is cleaned of any debris, dust, or loose material that may interfere with the application of the sealant.

Application of the Asphalt Emulsion

The asphalt emulsion is applied to the roadway surface using a distributor truck, which distributes the material evenly across the surface.

Aggregate Application

Small aggregate chips are spread onto the wet asphalt emulsion using a spreader box or mechanical broom. The aggregate chips are then compacted into the emulsion using a roller or other compaction equipment.


Once the aggregate is firmly embedded into the emulsion, the roadway is swept to remove any loose aggregate that is not fully embedded.

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The advantages of a roadway scrub seal include extending the life of the roadway by protecting it from the elements and reducing the need for costly repairs. It is typically used on low-traffic roads and as a cost-effective alternative to other surface treatment options.

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