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Reclamite is a pavement rejuvenator. It prolongs the life of the surface further delaying the need to re-construct the entire surface. Reclamite pavement rejuvenation is a process that involves applying a rejuvenating agent to the surface of an asphalt pavement to restore its flexibility, durability, and resistance to aging. The rejuvenating agent, called Reclamite, is a petroleum-based material that penetrates the surface of the pavement and restores the asphalt binder, which is the glue that holds the pavement together.


Reclamite Process

Surface Preparation

The pavement is cleaned to remove any dirt, debris, and loose material.

Application of Reclamite

The rejuvenating agent is applied to the pavement using a specialized spray truck.


A heavy roller is used to ensure the Reclamite is evenly distributed and fully penetrates the surface of the pavement.

Traffic Control

The treated area is typically closed to traffic for a short period of time to allow the rejuvenating agent to fully cure and penetrate the pavement.

The Benefits of Reclamite Rejuvination

Reclamite® by Tricor- Talley Oil is a licensed distributor of Reclamite®. This material provides a simple, one step method for sealing and waterproofing the asphalt. It is effective for extending the life of newly constructed pavement. Reclamite® delays the aging process by replenishing the maltenes and re-constituting the binder. Aged asphalt can be restored to a new and highly durable mix , virtually equal to or better than the original consistency. Other benefits of Reclamite® pavement rejuvenation include extending the life of the pavement, reducing cracking and other forms of distress, improving skid resistance, and enhancing the appearance of the pavement. Additionally, it is a cost-effective alternative to traditional pavement maintenance and rehabilitation methods.

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Reclamite Application

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