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Pavement Preservation

The key to having long-lasting pavement surfaces is a consistent maintenance program. Here at Talley Oil we have a team of experts who can help tailor a maintenance program that is right for you, whether that is a Fog seal, every 1-2 years, or a chip seal, every 4-5 years. Whatever your project is, we can point you in the direction that best fits your needs and budget.


Pavement Preservation Services

Fog Seal

A fog seal is a cost-effective maintenance option that can improve the life of the pavement by further delaying the need for major maintenance or rehab. A fog seal is a single application of a diluted asphalt emulsion onto an existing pavement surface. The reason for a fog seal is to renew oxidized and worn pavement surfaces. This will also help seal minor cracks, inhibit raveling while improving the apperance of the surface. Fog seals can be used to preserve any distressed sections of a paved road until funds became available for long-term repair options.

Reclamite® by Tricor

Talley Oil is a licensed distributor of Reclamite®. This material provides a simple, one step method for sealing and waterproofing the asphalt. It is effective for extending the life of newly constructed pavement. Reclamite® delays the aging process by replenishing the maltenes and re-constituting the binder. Aged asphalt can be restored to a new and highly durable mix , virtually equal to or better than the original consistency.

Crack Seal

Crack sealing is an important step to take for the maintenance of your pavement surface, because it helps to prevent larger maintenance projects down the road. Even the smallest cracks can easily turn into larger cracks, craters, and dangerous potholes. Done properly and frequently, crack sealing is an economical treatment to extend the life of your road.

Chip Seal

A Chip seal is an application of asphalt binder on existing pavement or native soils followed by a layer of aggregate chips. The treatment is then rolled to embed the aggregate into the binder. A chip seal can also be applied in multiple layers for added durability. Usually performed on aging pavement, it is also used on new roads to further extend the life of the pavement.

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Benefits of Pavement Preservation Services

  • Increased pavement durability: Regular maintenance and preservation of pavement can extend its lifespan and increase its durability.

  • Cost savings: By addressing small issues early on, pavement preservation services can help prevent more costly repairs down the line, saving money in the long run.

  • Improved safety: Pavement preservation services can help maintain a smooth and safe driving surface, reducing the risk of accidents caused by potholes, cracks, or uneven surfaces.

  • Enhanced appearance: Regular maintenance and preservation can improve the appearance of the pavement, making it look newer and more attractive.

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Chip Seal

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