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Dust Control

Beside the obvious benefits of reducing pollution, other benefits of dust control include safer roads, improved visibility, contribution to meeting mandated air quality standards, and prevention from seasonal dust-related issues. Water conservation is also a big plus by eliminating or drastically reducing water truck usage.

Dust Control Truck

Materials used for Dust Control

(Mag Chloride)

A cost effective solution for seasonal dust control. States, municipalities, and businesses rely on Dust-Off® dust suppressant to provide an easy, money-saving way to control dust and stabilize roads. 

Dust-Away RTS

Talley Oil formulated and manufactures the Dust-Away material, a cost-effective alternative to road oils like SC-800 and SC-250. Dust-Away is best applied over compacted native soils or asphalt millings, and can be re-applied to stabilize and build up your road base. Dust-Away generally takes 24-48 hours to completely cure depending on weather conditions.


SS-1h is a slow set emulsion commonly used in paving operations as a tack coat to bind the layers of pavement. It can also be diluted for use as a Fog Seal to add a light coating of asphalt to a worn pavement surface. SS-1h can also be applied over native soils and asphalt millings for use as a dust palliative in light traffic areas.

Road Oils

Talley Oil manufactures the SC-70, SC-250, and SC-800 products at the petroleum refinery it acquired in 2021. Located in Taft, CA, the Talley Oil refinery allows us to produce our own road oils and significantly reduce the amount of oils purchased from third parties, thereby enabling us to pass on significant cost savings to you, our customers.

EarthBind Prime
by EnviRoad

Earthbind® Prime Coat is a quality, versatile and environmentally friendly penetrating prime cure. Earthbind® Prime Coat can be safely stored and easily applied and was developed as an alternative for the asphalt cutbacks. As a penetrating prime cure, Earthbind® Prime Coat works by binding loose soil or aggregate particles together, thus strengthening the soil and aggregate matrix and preventing particles from becoming airborne as fugitive dust. In addition, Earthbind® Prime Coat will add water resistance to the treated soil particles and will not re-solubilize in rainwater after curing.

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